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Energy Conservation

We will help you “go green” by reducing your energy consumption while simultaneously helping you save money when the electric bill comes.

Energy Retrofits

We install energy retrofits which are designed to significantly reduce your energy consumption. This green initiative, in addition to various rebate programs, will lower your overhead and reduce energy costs immediately. In most cases, general expenses for our clients are gained back within about a year in energy savings.

Benefits of an Energy Retrofit

Enduring Solutions: Our lighting upgrade projects can lower your electrical consumption which lowers your electric bill. The use of cutting-edge technology saves you time and money on maintenance costs over time.
Consistent Approach: We are partnered with a lighting distribution center and various manufacturers around the city to bring you a uniform look in your home or business.
Low-Cost Execution: We are a preferred contractor of many Bay Area rebate programs and are eligible to work with a variety of rebates to best suit your needs.
Environmentally Friendly Results: Energy retrofits benefit the environment by reducing the consumption of natural resources as well as decreasing the number of replacement parts needed in the future.
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